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Yes! All of our Deep Remedy massages are only done by qualified Remedial Massage therapist who all have provider numbers for private health funds. You will receive an invoice in your inbox after your treatment which you can take to your health fund to make a claim. 


Some Euphoria and Babe massages are also claimable, depending on which therapist you choose. Please check individual profiles if this is important to you.

Yes absolutely! We have created a specific massage for pregnancy called Babe. These massages are adapted to be comfortable and safe during any stage of pregnancy, including the first trimester. 


Your therapist will ask you if you would like your massage to be more ‘relaxation’ or therapeutic and more targeted to specific areas of pain. 


All of our therapists offer our Babe massage have had extra training in pregnancy massage and therefore have knowledge in being able to conduct a massage on a pregnant body safely. 


We also use special pregnancy pillows for either side-lying or face down massages and we we use extra support for sensitive areas (i.e. breasts).

Our space is all on one level, there are no stairs or steps in entering the building or the treatment rooms. 


Most of our treatment rooms have a door-way width that allows for a wheelchair. 


Unfortunately our bathroom areas have been retro-fitted and at this stage are not accessible for a wheelchair. 


Our massage beds have study steel-frames and can hold up to 250kg.

We can accommodate two massages at the same time. You will just need to book individual massages on the same day and time (they will be with different therapists).

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