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Our massage treatments


Relaxation Massage

A careful curation of physical intuitive remedial body-work coupled with hypnotic meditation to bring you you closer to cloud-nine.

This massage is not your regular day-spa fluff. We’ve weaved principles of reiki and meridian therapy with euphoric essential oils and healing frequencies (without pan flutes and prikly tubular bells).

We go deep into tuning you out, while bringing your physical body some relief from your work, your sport, your stress.
From  $130

Deep Remedy

Remedial Massage

Get what you expect. A full body, deep tissue touch that is absolute therapy.


Think honed-in knowing hands that that get you out of a twist. Intended as a remedy for the muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments.


Get vigorous care that addresses lymphatic stagnation and blood flow aimed at getting out juicy-toxic waste that cause the muscles to coil up like a wounded terrier.

From  $130

* Claimable with Private Health Insurance


Pregnancy Massage

A babe’s on the way! The ideal massage experience for the expectant one. Get euphoric vibes combined with deeper, therapy to support the rapid changes brewing on the daily. Comfortable, safe and supported massage.
From  $130

Euphoric Facial Flow

Restorative Facial

An intuitive, responsive, flowing facial that is has been carefully curated to ignite and truly ground all the senses. Our facial is built on a collection of guided flowing movements through face, head, neck, shoulders, arms and feet to help the body adapt and respond to stress in a better, more efficient way. An accessible entry into full body massage, we use our hands to help you connect more deeply by delivering a personalised rhythm to honour stillness and euphoria. Safe for pregnancy and mobility ability.
From  $155
Massage Parlour Carlton

I was still on my way down from heaven so I couldn’t articulate these words post massage, April, but that was art. Thank you.

Kate G is a massage wizard. I'd been struggling with tension in my back for weeks and one massage from her sorted me right out. The space is also stunning and you feel right at home as soon as you walk in, it's such a relaxing vibe - I highly recommend

I had the Euphoria massage with Elle, she is a true artist, with the most connected and supportive energy. I left with the feelings of lightless and fullness at the same time. The space is so gorgeous at well, the whole experience was divine and I can't wait to return. Thank you xx

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