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Kate Gorrie


Libra sun, Capricorn moon, Aries rising

Kate is a magnetic and authentic bodyworker.  Her massage experiences are created with safety to help enable felt senses.  Kate brings the simplicity of touch and fine tuned senses to truly unravel the undernourished nervous system.


You’ll feel the rhythmic flow of Kate’s guiding hands as she finds the tension areas and can work deeply through trigger points when a deeper approach is needed. 


Kate will guide the session with meditative breath and takes great pride in being a part of somebody’s healing process. 


‘The human body is a multiverse of layered experience that can sometimes feel complex when we’re over-stressed. Massage is such a simple yet profound tool to release stress and restore balance to the body.’ 

Deep Remedy - Euphoria - Babe
Light - Medium - Med/Firm Pressure

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